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Windsurf Quest, Past, Present, and Future

by Windshark
2010-08-02 is not a new concept or web site. The web site itself was created in 2003, about a year after the founder (Windshark, that's me) learned how to windsurf.

The goal of the website back then, just as it is now, is to provide user generated information about where to windsurf, and the local windsurfing communities.

Technology and skill has come a long way in seven years. There are some other sites that are attempting to do what this site does. Few or none of them are original or easy to navigate.
The proof of the old and very primitive windsurfquest is archived right here:

The founder of the old (Windshark, that's me) was very young and uncertain all those years ago. The site received mostly local attention in the Corpus Christi area, and then eventually faded away. At the time mapping technology and custom applications (called map API's) were not readily available to the under-average developer. Now there are lots of Google Maps Mashups, similar to this one, that interface data with a map. This particular mashup at only scratches the surface of the full potential of this technology.

Moreover, the potential will almost certainly continue to be explored as this website develops and improves. Another year could be used up developing, tweaking, and adding content. Meanwhile the site would remain only potential with no reality. It has been decided to launch now and develop as we go.

So far, most of the information about the windsurfing launch sites on Windsurfquest is focused in the United States, with first hand experience mostly in Texas. The structure has been set up to submit launch sites, by you the user, anywhere on the globe. The founder cannot be everywhere at once, it would take several life times to really explore all the launch sites on this planet. First hand knowledge is what we are looking for, and that is going to come mostly from the users.

Windsurfing is as much about exploring new places as it is sailing. Windsurfers are usually well traveled with an attitude of freedom and independence. They strive to keep their options open so that the best conditions at the right time and place can be taken advantage of. That is what this site is all about.

There is not much else to be said, except that since this site is a ship freshly launched from dry-dock a shake-down cruise will ensue. In other words, there will be a period of time to collect content, register users, and gain experience. After the shake-down several other modules for this site are planned.

Now, go sail, tell your friends about, and come back to submit or comment on a windsurfing launch site.

Thank you.

On 2013-06-08, MMurphSurf wrote:

A friend moved to Oklahoma and found your site and now knows lots of places to go. Added your site to
On 2010-08-22, Azimuth wrote:

A great site and I hope to see it grow. I started windsurfing in 1979 and I tried just about any body of water big enough to float a board. I hope folks take advantage of it not only to figure out where to go but to tell us of all the cool places they have found as well.
On 2010-08-02, Windshark wrote:

groovy man

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