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City: Dallas
State/Province: Texas
Registration Date: 2010-06-01
Basic Information:
Name: Darth Windsurfer
Nationality: Texan
Age: 0
Preferred Sailing:
Light Cruising| |Bump&Jump| |Slalom/Race| |Long Distance|
Member Of:
North Texas Wind Riders
About this Sailor:
I first saw a windsurfer at about nine years old, my grandmother and I were driving through Corpus Christi, TX. This fifteen year old kid beach started under the JFK causeway and then proceeded to fly away over the water. From that point on windsurfing had been on my to-do list.
I later learned to windsurf in Dallas, TX, as a young adult, and six months later found myself living in Corpus Christi where I founded the 'old'. A little of this and a little of that later I have come almost full circle, and now work for the very shop where I signed up for my first lessons, Mariner Sails in Dallas.
I do not consider myself an expert, merely slightly advanced. This is perhaps an advantage, I can more easily reach out to the average windsurfer. But these skills are slowly increasing since I sail with others who are often better than I...oh well.
I suppose what drives me at is the spirit of an explorer, a need to share the natural high that this sport creates, and a desire to help local windsurfing communities grow the sport. Making successful gives me a natural high comparable to the high that comes from sailing.
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Favorite Launch Sites:
 Sails in Area:
King Fisher Beach (Front Beach)
Port O'Connor

Bird Island Basin
Padre Island National Seashore

Icarai de Amontada

Kanaha Beach

Cabarete Beach

Windsurf Bay Park (Fireant)
Lake Ray Hubbard

Windshark's Playground

Corpus Christi Area

Dallas / Fort Worth Area