* To participate you must be registered with and complete the contest entry form.

* You must have a valid email address and mailing address if you want to receive your prize, and it must be reachable by standard US mail delivery. will not be responsible for lost prizes in the mail due to an invalid delivery address.

* You may reside in any part of the world to receive the prize.

Site (location) Submissions:

* The windsurfing site or spot you submit must be relevant to the sport of windsurfing, and it must be possible to windsurf at that location.

* The submission must be a NEW submission, not a duplicate or copy of a previously existing site already posted to

* There must be a valid description in clear and common language. Any language is acceptable, but posting something like a Chinese description for a location in Seattle is not going to fly. A Chinese description for a location near Beijing, however, would be perfectly acceptable.

* Since the primary language of at this time is English, all English submissions are acceptable.

* Blatant and clear inaccuracies (if discovered) will disqualify the submission. Minor inaccuracies (such as where the port-o-potties are, or that rigging is on the grass rather than the pavement) will not disqualify the submission, as they can usually be corrected or updated with minimal effort.

* The marker should be at the right location (within reason, sometimes a three-mile stretch of beach IS the location).

* You do not have to have sailed at the location or even seen it first hand for it to be a valid submission.

* Feel free to update or edit your submission as much as you like.

Back Links (Links back to

* Only links back to windsurfquest location maps are eligible to score. Links to other pages are nice but do not score.

* Please do not spam forums, facebook, or other social networking sites with links to, or a link to the same windsurfing locations over and over. Redundant links will be judged on a case-by-case basis. For example - 15 posts to facebook or a windsurfing forum in one day is a bit like spam.

* Links to through email do NOT qualify.

* You MUST report the link via the link contest reporting page. Please enter the full URL where your link appears so that it can be verified as valid.

* The link you report MUST be a link that you posted and fresh, or reported within 24 hours to qualify. If you report someone elses link and take the credit, you will be disqualified.

Prizes and Winning

* Please allow for up to ten business days for delivery time of your prizes through the postal service. In most cases you will receive your prizes much sooner.

* The winner or winners will be contacted at the conclusion of this contest via phone or email and given a choice of prizes.

* The winner or winners will be announced on August the 4th 2011 and featured on the front page of (unless requested otherwise).

* In the event of a tie the winner (or winners) will be determined by the quality, detail, and completeness of their submissions.

* This contest ends midnight (central US time) Saturday July 30th 2011. No new submissions will qualify for this contest after that time.

Good Luck!