Successfull FPS Francises

Fulfill your childhood dreams and assume the role of the wisecracking ninja warrior Lo Wang as he battles against demons from other dimensions while indulging in light banter with his friends. With eye-popping visuals, gory kills, and captivating linear storyline, it receives a PlayScore of 8.6. 15. Counter Strike: Global Offensive Another one of Valve’s highly successful FPS ventures. CS:GO built on the strong foundations of the already established Counter Strike franchise, and slapping it on with updated visuals, improved multiplayers, and a few new modes. With their intense, skill-based system, the fight for and against is as intense as ever. Although its been riddled with cheaters, gambling, and some other controversies, it has proudly stood tall against it all. While its punishing learning curve might be too much for newcomers, the grind is always worth, giving you the chance to duke it out in the most complete experience yet right here:

It has a PlayScore 8.61. 14. F.E.A.R. Scoring high marks during its initial release, Monolith’s spine-tingling masterpiece was once compared to the grandeur of Half Life 2–if Half-Life 2 had less aliens, and more gorey, supernatural horrors. Play as the Point Man of the deadly F.E.A.R. squad and uncover a mystery that involves a little girl. The game challenges you to overcome your fears, especially with main antagonist Alma, whose deathly stare will haunt your very soul. Hopefully, you’ll be as badass as its main character. Engage in a hardcore shootfest with these paranormal presence and use your time-bending powers to unleash hell on earth. Spawning a handful of sequels and expansions, it receives a PlayScore of 8.63. 13. Crysis Be a hulking badass with your powerful Nanosuit in this futuristic game developed by Crytek. One of the most impressive sci-fi shooters of its generation, Crysis was far beyond its time. Despite the huge gamble they faced, it was all worth it in the end, with jaw-dropping visuals and smooth gameplay that turned it into the benchmark for PC and console power.

With their nanosuits, Crysis combined run and gun action with solid stealth mechanics. Control a group of nano-armored soldiers as they face off against North Korean Soldiers, mercenaries, and…technologically advanced aliens. Confusing, but very pretty. It has a PlayScore of 8.64. 12. Overwatch Rising from the mistakes of their last MMOFPS attempt, Titan, Blizzard has struck gold with this latest IP in almost two decades. It managed to revolutionize the first person shooter genre. So much so that hundreds have tried to mimic its spectacular blend of fun and strategic teamplay. Engage in fun 6v6 battles with your friend in futuristic versions of the world’s iconic locations. Escort payloads, capture points, or fight to the death while choosing between the game’s lovable cast of characters, along with their newest, heavy handed Doomfist. The world could use more heroes, and more healing. It has a PlayScore of 8.65. 11. Devil Daggers A remarkable first person shooter that harkens back to the classic era of videogames.